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  • Pantheon


    In the beginning there was the void, and in the void there was a burst of light and the heavens formed, these entities are the elder gods:

    *The elder gods*
  • Vaymar - The Void - death - (Lawful neutral - Fade …

  • Temple of the Elder Gods in Rowen Cove

    The temple to the [[Pantheon | Elder Gods]] was founded in 4000 by Barron Eugene Egglbey, who was later made the first Earl of Rowen, he set the temple in the grounds of a park he had created four years earlier which became known as Barron's park, …

  • Sisters of the fading light

    An order of the church of Thea, they are dedicated to the connection between Thea and Vaymar, and the inevitability of the light returning to the void, they tend to the dying, give help to the grieving family of the dead, and officiate at funerals.

  • Kalen Soma

    *Kalen Soma* Neutral, knowledge domain

    Holy symbol infinity (knowledge is infinite and its pursuit holy)

    In life Kalen Soma was a great wizard, most believe the greatest wizard who ever lived. He venerated knowledge above …

  • Kemeneska

    The elves believe they come from the stars, somewhere in the constellation of Eldaros (Elf home), the constellation is made up of a bright star (Eldaros) and five fainter stars, known as the pilgrims (Enna, Gennal, Paelias, Shava, Varis.), at the place …