Small village 16 miles from Rowen Cove in the heart of Rowen Forest, it is surrounded by a wooden palisade. The village is run by the town elders, and earns money making charcoal and from hunting and trapping in the forest.

Town elders

  • Jessy Tethers

  • Morley Swinman

  • Gustave Galli (the Galli twins father)


    The watch is responsible for the security of the palisade and keeping order, for any serious crime they seek the assistance from the magistrate in Rowen Cove.

  • Watchmaster – Brent Homer

  • Watchman – Abigale Brom


  • Helga Rolland

  • Harry Rolland
  • Selma Brom (Harry Rolland’s neighbour)

    Inns and taverns

  • The Foresters inn – proprietor, Carol Sleeton (halfling)

  • The Goblins head tavern – proprietor, Saul Gadge

  • The Burner tavern – proprietor, Carl Yornik


  • Blacksmith – Paul Smithson
  • Carter – Wendy Hove
  • Wistwood

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