Watch report - 2 Baelmont 4589

Harbour Watch

While you were away on town council business in Serengal the watchmaster was covering the harbour watch himself. He initially appointed Amos Yolly, but decided to take over himself on 7th Hollmont. You are surprised as he doesn’t like walking the beat, and spends most of his time in the watch house or in ‘meetings’.

Things in the Harbour and the Old town have been quiet, possibly too quiet, hardly a mention in the logs of the Evers gang, who are the usual suspects down on the docks. Maybe it’s the orc invasion and the increased watch presence, maybe Selby is taking a few extra bribes to keep things out of the books, or maybe they are up to something.

The orc invasion of South town

12 Hollmont – Don Rainer (Captain of the South watch) injured in the orc invasion and is currently recovering (he is a bit of a hypochondriac so you take that with a pinch of salt). As a result of the invasion the harbour watch has been doubled to keep an eye on the river, in case the orcs try a crossing

There has been a murder in town and an arrest has been made. Looking at the log and talking to the other watchmen you gather the following.

  • 21 Hollmont, night – Amely Crowther complains of being followed in the fog along Dock St. by a dark shadowy figure.
  • 22 Hollmont, morning – the watch put it down to nerves or drinking too much. The ‘investigation’ consisted of looking where she said she was chased and finding nothing. Selby was late in that day complaining of a headache and a bad nights sleep, and said he didn’t see anything (one of the watchmen told you that he was probably drinking in the Herring Tavern), he gave the investigation to by Callum Havers (one of the more incompetent watchmen).
  • 22 Hollmont, night – narrow escape of Chrisy Newman (Kathy the barmaid at the Kraken’s sister). Her description was vague, large man with a knife wearing a cloak and a hood so she didn’t get a look at his face. The attack took place on Rowen Hill, she was on her way home from working in the Jalen Tavern.
  • 23 Hollmont, morning – This time the watch are taking it seriously, and extra patrols are scheduled for that night.
  • 23 Hollmont, night – death of Jenny Bell (a local lady of the night) found in Rope Lane.
  • 26 Hollmont, afternoon – Callum Havers arrests a local man Baltha Bexley. He was her last customer. There does not appear to have been any detailed investigation, due to Bexley’s unsavoury reputation.
  • Bexley is due to be brought before the magistrate for trial on the next court date – 25 Baelmont.

    Watch report - 2 Baelmont 4589

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