The tale of the mad pirate Merrik

Back in the days when there was still trade with the Jaelen, pirates plied the sea o Thale, one of the most notorious was Mad Merrik.

Came from the old town here in Rowen Cove, just your average guttersnipe slitting purses for a living, until he went off crewing with Cutthroat Bill abort the Thale Shark. Now Cutthroat, there was a nasty piece of work, if he didn’t cut the throat of one of his crew on a voyage it were a short trip round the harbour.

Well one night, raiding the Jalen coast they encountered the nightmare of all sailors, a Kraken. The fight was long and hard but they knew it was the deep for all of them, just a matter of how you met your fate.

The Kraken was just toying with them, when dawn broke and the pirates had fought themselves to exhaustion it took the ship into it vast maw crew and all.

Except that is for Merrik who just as his fate was about to be sealed, in a mighty blow cut off one of its tentacles, and cursing the beast lept from the deck at the last moment. Clinging to a barrel he drifted for days in the ocean until he landed on a deserted island where he managed to fashion a raft and a sail.

Tale has it that he was planning to doublecross Cutthroat Bill all along, and had stolen his treasure map, anyways he turned up rich enough to buy himself a ship which he named the Kraken in honour of his escape, and told the tale to any who would buy the rum.

Those who knew him before the Kraken, say he’d changed, walking the deck mumbling to himself and looking over his shoulder as if someone was watching him. That’s when folk turned to calling him Mad Merrik, not to his face mind.

Some say he was driven mad by his encounter with the monster, others say it were nothing to do with the Kraken, but that he was cursed to die if he ever set foot on land by a coven of sea hags as revenge for stealing their eye.

Well one day his ship just disappeared, no one knows what really happened, maybe the Kraken tracked him down, seeking revenge, could be the sea hags caught up with him, could be his madness got to much and he sailed his ship into a storm.

One thing for sure, no one’s found his treasure, none that’s told the tale anyhows.

The tale of the mad pirate Merrik

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