Thale wizards guild

Thale Wizards Guild

After much debate and endless meetings, the wizards of the three kingdoms decided to form a guild, thats when the tedious discussions really started.

After a year of debate they finally decided on a location, and that Orsino Valenti would be the founding head of the guild, mainly as he had the kings ear and could obtain the most funding. To his advantage his employment as the kings wizard meant he would not have time to meddle and was therefore an ideal candidate. Not that Orsino wanted the job, but after seeing the lack of organisation skills of his fellows, and being pushed into it by the king, (who providing the most money chose the name of the guild,) he really had no choice.

Orsino didn’t really want a tower, he thought them a trifle oestentacious, but tradition is tradition and a tower it was. Building finally commenced in 4580 in the remote Kashjera mountains (a site of multiple lay line crossings and magical significance). At first the local village of Heddenberg was sceptical, but the influx of builders and the money they brought changed there mind, and the small community swelled and became prosperous.

Five years in the construction the Thale Wizards Guild finally opened its doors on the feast day of Kalen Soma, 3 Snowmont 4585.

The tower

Each of the schools occupies a level of the tower and there is a magical lift leading from the tower entrance to the reception chamber.

  • Top level – School of divination
  • Level 8 – Head wizard’s office and administration
  • Level 7 – Library, Scribes
  • Level 6 – Council chamber
  • Level 5 – Reception chamber and guest rooms, the great dining hall, kitchen, chapel to Kalen Soma
  • Level 4 – School of conjuration, public teleportation circle
  • Level 3 – School of enchantment
  • Level 2 – School of illusion
  • Level 1 – School of evocation
  • Ground floor – School of abjuration
  • Basement Level 1 – School of transmutation (only partially below ground as the tower is built on the side of a mountain)
  • Basement Level 2 – Guard and servants rooms
  • Basement Level 3 – Storerooms
  • Basement Level 4 – School of necromancy
  • Each of the eight schools of wizardry has a head who sits on the council and vote on the matters at hand, the head of the guild has the casting vote in case of a tie.

    Head of the Wizards guild – Archmage Orsino Valenti (Human) 17th level enchanter

    Schools of Wizardry

    Abjuration: Head of the school – Mage Zeran Walker (Half-githzeri) 13th level abjurer

    Conjuration: Head of the school – Mage Carric Amakiir (High Elf) 13th level conjurer

    Divination: Head of school – Mage Geraldine Rook (Human) 14th level diviner

    Enchantment: Head of school – Mage Matthew Brooks (Human) 13th level enchanter

    Evocation: Head of the school – Mage Barakas Om (Tiefling) 13th level evoker

    Illusion: Head of the school – Mage Breena Nackle (Gnome) 14th level illusionist

    Necromancy: Head of the school – Mage Luccia Marula (Half-damphyr) 14th level necromancer.

    Transmutation: Head of the school – Mage Amber Strakeln (Dwarf) 13th Level Transmuter

    Entry into the guild

    Applicants need to be able to cast at least third level spells, and be recommended by an existing member, the decision on approval is by the head of the school which they wish to join. There is a joining fee of 1,000gp and an annual subscription of 100gp.

    Entry is to wizards only, however honorary membership to other arcane spellcasters such as warlocks and sorcerers can be granted by the head of the guild.

    Guild ranks

  • Archmage – level 9 spells
  • mage – level 7 spells
  • wizard- level 5 spells
  • novice – level 3 spells
  • The head of the schools are chosen from the senior mages who vote amongst themselves, they are not necessarily the most powerful spellcasters.

    Thale wizards guild

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