Tabbatt's report 5th Baelmont 4589

5th Baelmont 4589

Tabbatt has been looking into the original slasher murders and has some observations:

Everyone was saying it was just like the old Slasher killings, well I decided to see how similar and had a read through the old court and watch records. When they say just like the old murders, they should be saying identical in every respect.

No one had looked at the court file since the hanging apart from a bard by the name of Jacoby Lightfoot a few months later

If Bexley didn’t do it perhaps we should be looking for someone old enough to remember the original in a lot of detail, or took steps to find out.

Before they caught Dalby the watch had other suspects:

Henry Griffins - lives on Chance Lane, he was going out with one of the slasher victims, Yolanda Heart, and the reports at the time say that the relationship was a bit rocky, Griffins also had a bit of a reputation for violence.

Josiah Tavener – lives on Ulver Street off Empire Way, he was an actor, he gained some notoriety after the hanging by putting on a play, where he played both himself as a suspect and also the part of the slasher.

Walter Velch – Recently died (18th Hollmont), he was a sailor on the Sea Harvest the same as Dalby, and knew him well. When he retired he stayed in Rowen Cove (Frak Lane).

Tabbatt's report 5th Baelmont 4589

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