Scouts report 8th Baelmont 4589

There were signs of regular traffic from the north of the forest into the Bradel hills, moving into the forest from the north there was an area the goblins avoided, there were wolf tracks, and signs that they had been attacking the goblins, we didn’t see any wolves.

The Goblins are holed up in tunnels in the north west near Toadshade Bay, and are constructing rafts under the orders of hobgoblins.

We couldn’t get into the tunnels to get a layout, there was too much traffic to risk it, they have a lookout on the path leading up to the tunnels

The goblin scouts are positioned to watch for an attack from the south, they move around predictable paths, we counted four patrols comprising two goblins riding wolves, from the north there was just a single patrol, as we got closer to Rowen cove the signs of goblins grew older, they seem to have pulled back from the southern edge of the forest. We left markers to show where the patrol routes were.

We estimate in total between 35 – 45 goblins possibly as many as 50 as we couldn’t get into the tunnels, and around 10 hobgoblins, there were also a pair of bugbears, and a pen with worgs in the camp (we saw two but the pen could hold more)

Scouts report 8th Baelmont 4589

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