Rowen Cove council meeting 5th Bealmont 4589

Rowen Cove council meeting, 5th Baelmont 4589


Council members

  • Magistrate, Tobias Moon
  • Commander of the guard, Erasmus Albridge
  • Priest Omir Khalin
  • Harbour Master, Kastor Haven (council leader)
  • Fishermans collective organiser, Jona Newland
  • Trades representative, Blacksmith Don Ironson

    Others present

  • Earl Thomas Eggleby
  • Dorin
  • Shallyn
  • Ash
  • Captain Fintan Toltapple
  • Abermar Felbeart
  • Watchmaster, Selby Sloeman
  • Captain of the bridge, Vanessa Holme
  • Clerk to the magistrate, Jenkin Bateman (taking the minutes)

    Kastor Haven Welcomed the Earl to Rowen Cove, and hope it would signal a turn in fortune for the town.

    Matters arising

    Captain Holme invited to report on the situation with the orcs: Reported that there has been little activity since the orcs invaded, and they appear to be consolidating there position, in particular they have reinforced the defences of the old keep.

    On two occasions a boat of orcs have attempted to cross the river, but they do not seem to be sailors and both attempts were quickly abandoned, it seems that having got so far they are uncertain how to proceed, but it must surely be only a matter of time, before they try to cross the river.

    The folk that fled the southtown have been found places to live, but they couldn’t bring much with them and with winter coming up it could be tough.

    I have sent boats to enquire about Fishwick, Trelen and Yugir but they haven’t seen any orc activity, it seems that only Rowen Cove is their target for now.

    The spyglass from the watchtower has been moved so that the orcs can be more closely observed, and I am trying to get some idea of the numbers, I can confirm the reports that there is a troll with them.

    Commander Albridge reported that goblins have been seen close to the town wall, and he believes that they are planning something. He is reluctant to divert men to deal with orcs as he is increasing patrols to the north of the town to discourage them. He doesn’t want to display any weakness which may encourage the goblins. If the situation with the goblins resolves itself or the orcs show more signs of attack obviously that will change the position.

    He confirmed that he did have contingency plans should the orcs try a surprise crossing of the river, and he could have more men in place within 10 minutes. He was also approaching some retired guards about there availability to cover some jobs in an emergency.

    He also reported that there had been reports from travellers arriving at the north gate of strange sights and sounds near the old Rittinger mansion, and thanked the earl for investigating and resolving the problem. (The council expressed there thanks to the earl.

    Dorin was invited to comment on the goblins: He concurred with Commander Albridge that their behavior was unusual, and he speculated that it may be in response to the Red Blade hobgoblins moving into the area.

    There was descent from Councilor Ironson, who believed that the orcs should be the focus of attention, but the council agreed with Commander Albridge to treat the goblin threat seriously.

    Watchmaster Sloeman was asked to brief the council on the recent murder: He reported that the culprit was in custody and will be appearing before the magistrate on the next court day (25th Baelmont 4589), and that since Bexley’s arrest there had been no further reports of women being harassed in the old town.He said that the town was still edgy about the murder, and there were still ghost stories about the slasher running around, but seemed confident that once Bexley has been hung thing would no doubt return to normal.

    He has increase patrols in the harbour, mainly tasked with keeping an eye on the river in case the orcs try a crossing, but they would help calm the harbour residents fears about the murder.

    He thanked the earl for dealing with the zombies in the docks, the council also expressed their thanks to the earl.

    Captain Toltapple added further information about the murder, and confirmed Watchmaster Sloeman’s statement that the matter was being thoroughly investigated by the watch

    Jona Newland reported that a strange green light had been seen in the old lighthouse by fishermen, and requested that the town guard look into the matter, Earl Thomas offered his assistance which the council accepted with thanks.

    Omir Khalin raised concerns regarding the influx of people from Southtown, if the situation is not sorted out before winter there could be food rationing, and that would not go down well with the townsfolk. Mr Felbeart on behalf of the earl suggested that consideration could be given to arranging a caravan of supplies, which could be guarded by a small.

    Magistrate Moon suggested that news of the earl’s encounter with the zombies had gone down well with the people, and that it may be appropriate to consider appointing him to the council at the next meeting.

    Main business

    Integration of Rowen Cove into the Three Kingdoms

    On behalf of the council Kastor Haven welcomed the earl and hoped for a smooth transition into the three kingdoms. He looked forward to improved trade with the securing of the road to Feyland Gate, and invited the Earl to share his plans with the council.

    Earl Thomas Eggleby addressed the council: He outlined his plans to secure the borders of the earldom and to eliminate dangers for transport, both along the Jalen highway and the falcon river. He said that his first priority was to ensure the safety of Rowen Cove. His speech was warmly welcomed by the council.

    Agreed by the council

  • Jona Newland appointed to act as Town council liaison to the Earl
  • Captain Vanessa Holme appointed to act as Town Guard liaison to the Earl
  • Captain Fintan Toltapple appointed to act as Watch liaison to the Earl

    Next meeting

    30th Baelmont 4589 – tithing receipts, town finances, appointment of the Earl to the council.

  • Rowen Cove council meeting 5th Bealmont 4589

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