Papers found in the red blade outpost

Gurth’s report

Warlord, Hiyetug’kon, Legion of the Red Blade, Kroan

Scouts from Rowen Cove have discovered our plan to tow rafts and attack from the sea, the newly arrived Earl of Rowen is, as I write making his way here, no doubt with the intention of disrupting our plans. This works in our favour as the diversionary sea attack may be more successful than we hoped. I will allow one of his men to live and return to tell the tale of our plan.

I had ordered the goblins to pull back from observing the town from the edge of the forest, hoping the town guard will move more of their men to the south to focus on the orcs, but with their discovery of the rafts, a change in plan is called for and I intend to sail the ship in sight of their fishing boats to reinforce the ruse of a sea attack, if the plan works we may not even need to launch the rafts.

I suggest we change the timing of the attack and bring it forward, we have an inside man in the town guard who will open the gate for 50gp, which with a reduced guard on the norther wall should make our entry into the town swift and with few losses.

My estimate is that the orcs will not attack for at least a month (they are still enjoying their spoils). My advice is to prepare the legion for battle, and move troops south to the hills just north of the forest, once I have confirmation that they have moved men to defend the coast I will send word and we can attack within 2 days.

I attach the requested information concerning Rowen Cove.

Captain, Gurth’kon, Legion of the Red Blade,

Hail Maglubiyet

The attachments consist of a report detailing the numbers of the town guard and watch, with the guard rotas, patrolling and guard routes times, and a list of the town worthies, including the names and addresses of the town councillors.

There is an estimate that there could be up to 30,000 gp in the town coffers.

In a desk in Gurth’s room there are papers:

  • A list of informants and a ledger of the bribes paid:
  • A map of Rowen Cove showing key locations
  • A schedule of the planned attack – an insider will open the main gate on seeing a signal arrow from the rafts who will be landing on the beach.
  • Post invasion plans using the Evers gang who make up most of the informers.
  • Reports from someone simply referred to as Salamander which date back some months (earliest 12 Theari 4598) it appears that Salamander recruited the Evers gang, and has provided information on who can be pressured into complying with the Red Blade, and who in town will need to be executed. There are also copies of the Town Council Meeting minutes (including the one held on the 5th Baelmont (normally it takes weeks for them to be sent out). There is a note written by Gurth on this adding the Earl of Rowen and his associates to the list of those to be executed.
  • A note on a a thin roll of paper informing Gurth that the Outpost and rafts have been discovered, and that the Earl of Rowen and his associates are coming there via the north of the forest to try to disrupt the plans.

Papers found in the red blade outpost

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