Moonbane is prepared over the course of two full moons and requires the following:

  • Wolfsbane, a commonly found plant in most terrains (DC 10 medicine or nature to recognise).
  • The blood of a natural born werewolf
  • A silvered blade
  • Good quality pure alcohol costing 25gp


    The procedure requires care and practice to perfect and some skill with herbs or medicine is recommended before attempting to make it (DC 15 Medicine or nature if you are proficient with a herbalism kit – the DC reduces by 1 for each success)


    By the light of the first moon the edge of a silvered blade is coated with the blood and the wolfsbane finely chopped, if there are clouds you must wait until they pass as the direct light of the moon is required, and care should be taken not to allow the blade to cast a shadow over the wolfsbane. The chopped wolfsbane is then placed in the pure alcohol and left in the moonlight overnight, and then kept in the dark until the following moon.

    By the light of the second full moon the alcohol is evaporated and the residue crushed to a fine powder, which is the moonbane. It can be used as it is. but it is more common to mix it with arrowroot powder and a small amount of water (at this stage substituting the water for more blood strengthens the effect,) which causes the arrowroot/moonbane mixture to coagulate, and eventually dry out to form a pill.

    Using moonbane

    Taking moonbane before someone has turned cures the curse, after they have turned it can supress the turn for two to three months if taken just before the full moon, using the stronger pills can extend the effect by a few more months.

    Thereafter the cursed must have gained the mental control over their condition or become subject to the madness.

  • Moonbane

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