The elves believe they come from the stars, somewhere in the constellation of Eldaros (Elf home), the constellation is made up of a bright star (Eldaros) and five fainter stars, known as the pilgrims (Enna, Gennal, Paelias, Shava, Varis.), at the place where the elves arrived a temple was built. (Kemeneska – earth home). The belief is that the elves were sent here to become a civilisation of wisdom and learning and that once they had become an enlightened race they could return home. Around the temple Elenath created a fortress saying that when they were worthy they would be able to enter.

Millenia later when the location of the temple had been lost to the ages, the story goes that the five pilgrims set out independently to find the temple. They suffered much hardship and overcame great obstacles on their pilgrimage, but always maintained grace. They arrived at Kemeneska on the same day and it is believed that Elenath spoke to them and told them to create sanctuaries to guide and aid other pilgrims, once they had finished the task she descended and took them home to the heavens and created the five faint stars to welcome them home.

The prophecy

When the sixth pilgrim shines with Eldaros, the age of elves will end and the journey home will begin.


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