Kalen Soma

Kalen Soma

Neutral, knowledge domain

Holy symbol infinity (knowledge is infinite and its pursuit holy)

In life Kalen Soma was a great wizard, most believe the greatest wizard who ever lived. He venerated knowledge above all else, and wrote many tombs on diverse subjects, and is the father of many branches of science. Kalen Soma was the first wizard to define the schools of magic, and his teachings still form the basis of wizardy.

Most of his original works were lost in ancient times, his lore surviving in the many copies that were made, the few original texts that survive are treated as holy objects and greatly prized.

His clerics prefer logic and reason, but most admit to an emotional desire to uncover a long lost work of the master.

The temples of Kalen Soma are the schools of the three kingdoms, offering education to all.

The hall of Kalen in Serengal is the largest library in the three kingdoms

Kalen Soma

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