Gem's report on Selby 6th Baelmont 4589

Gem reports on her watching of Selby:

He follows the same routine every night, walks down to the bridge, along the docks, up Rowen Hill and spends the night drinking in the Herring, had a chat with the locals, he just sits by the window staring out into the street.

He went to see Jo Evers last night (no doubt collecting a payoff) and right after he left, Don Ironson turned up with a large sack.

I tried to get close but couldn’t, I almost got spotted by a man I didn’t recognise who went in to see Evers just after Ironson left.

I decided to wait and follow the mysterious man, he was old with a stoop wearing a hooded cloak. I did catch a brief glimpse of his face, dark eyes and the wrinkled skin of an old fisherman with a scar along his right cheek).

When he left he walked along the docks, up the cut to the Market Tavern. Here’s the strange thing, he definitely went into the Market Tavern, but when I followed him in, he was nowhere to be seen. I swear he didn’t have time to sneak out the back, and besides Mikal wouldn’t allow that sort of nonsenSe on his premises. I asked around but no one had seen someone fitting that description all night.

Gem's report on Selby 6th Baelmont 4589

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