Gem's report 4th Baelmont 4589

4th Baelmont 4589

Gem reports on her interviews with the two women who escaped the Slasher

Amely Crowther

On the 22nd Hollmont, Amely Crowther complained to the watch of of being followed in the fog the previous night along Dock St., by a dark shadowy figure.

I interviewed Amely at Soams’ warhouse where she works. On the 21st Hollmont she was working late, finishing a report for Mr Soams on the progress of the warehouse repairs.

She finished the report about 9 O’clock and said goodbye to the guards, Jack Edorman and Nicholas Johnson (Silas’s brother), as she was getting to the end of Dock St. about to turn up Rowen Hill, a thick fog came out of nowhere and she could barely see where she was going. She said that she felt as though she was being followed, and when she turned around she saw a large dark figure in the fog behind her. Scared she ran and as she got towards the top of Rowen hill the fog ended.

She said the fog smelled acrid, and her eyes started to itch, she didn’t say this in her initial report, but she told me that as she got out of the fog it was if it tried to pull her back inside.

She didn’t know of anyone who would want to harm her, and there haven’t been any other similar incidents, or people trying to follow her.

I spoke to Nicholas Johnson, and he confirmed when she left, he also confirmed the acrid fog which came suddenly, and left a few minutes later as quickly as it had arrived. Johnson said it was strange, misty in parts and thick in others forming shapes, he swears he saw the shape of a shark half forming in the fog.

The only other people at the warehouse late were the other guard Jack Edorman (he and Johnson stayed together the whole time) and Jason Pugh a carpenter who left a few minutes before Amely.

Pugh lives on Jig Lane, says he went straight home where he lives alone so no one can verify his story

I spoke to Amos Tully the guard on the wall nearby that night, and he confirmed the fog, but it was below him so couldn’t confirm any more.

Chrisy Newman

On the night of 22 Hollmont about half past eleven Chrisy Newman reported a narrow escape to the watch. Her description was vague, large man with a knife wearing a cloak and a hood so she didn’t get a look at his face. The attack took place about 11 o’ Clock on Rowen Hill, she was on her way home from working in the Jalen Tavern.

I spoke to her at the Jalen Tavern, and her story is the same as Amely’s, except this time the attacker got close and tried to grab her arm. She also confirmed the nature of the fog, the locals in the Jalen backed up her story as far as the time she left.

Gem's report 4th Baelmont 4589

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