Charles Eggleby's agreement with the Earl of Kunan

Agreement between the Earls of Rowen and Kunan

Charles Eggleby discussed his plans with the Earl of Kunan (Victor Swift), who is reclaiming the lands to the west of Rowen, (Thomas’s grandmother Samantha is Victor’s sister).

The Earl of Kunan is elderly and the task will be carried out by his son Kavenor.

Kavenor’s plan is to secure the northern border of Kunan, along the river thorn, and to clear out the Gnolls in the east. This is because a lot of the wealth of Kunan is in the farmland around Market Wayton.

Charles wanted to concentrate on the Falcon river (along which trade could flow) and securing the south of Rowen and the Jalen highway.

They came to an agreement whereby Kavenor would act with the authority of the Earl of Rowen in the Larkspur hills and secure Forts Larkven, Newlen and Napen, and the village of Amerk, holding them until Charles could send men to replace him.

In return (once Rowen Cove was secure and the kings order to secure the Jalen highway had been complied with) Charles acting with the authority of the Earl of Kunan was to navigate the Falcon River, dealing with any immediate threats to the towns and villages along it’s length and make it safe for navigation.

Charles Eggleby's agreement with the Earl of Kunan

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