Wood Elf Druid


A small man who face still bears the marks of the beating he took. It is likely that the the scars and the bumps will never be gone so his face looks far older than is usual for a Elf. He looks to have been a bigger man before the beating though it is also unlikely that he will recover his previous body mass again.

He wears hide armour, a short bow, a very small cudgel and light shield. He travels as light as possible, leaving most of the gear wherever he is staying.

Despite obviously having a great deal of knowledge and love of nature, he does actively appreciate the good things in life such as a soft bed, a roaring fire and good food.


Common knowledge
A Farmer who was found lying in a ditch in the disreputable Malavita district in the capital Serengal by the rest of the group. He had been beaten, robbed, set fire to, urinated on, stabbed and was very nearly dead.

A lot of time and effort was required for Shallyn to recover, upon which time he said that the Group were all blood Brothers and comrades (or “Malo” in ancient Elven) and that he would do anything for them. Since then he has traveled with the group and goes out of his way to do anything to make life better for each one. That attitude is the opposite of how he treats everybody else, which is with complete disdain unless he wants or needs something and then he can turn on the charm.

It is apparent that he knew someone who had a similar book to Aber, and that whatever was in the book had a terrible effect on that Individual. Shallyn also said that he believes that this “Individual” would be able to unlock the book for Aber, but Shallyn would be really, really unhappy to be asked to make it happen.

It is also apparent that he has a set of thieves tools and has had practice using them in the past.


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