Wood elf, cleric of Elenath


Age :96 years old
Height: 5’2"

Description: dark hair and eyes, slight build . She wears explorers clothes and a chain shirt, carries a map case and navigators tool, looks more like someone ready for travel than a cleric.

Longbow: a finely made weapon with ‘Faradrim" carved into the wood.
Hunting knife: a long silver knife with ’Laghor gul’ etched into the blade, and a wolf on the handle.

She is very possessive of her weapons and will not allow anyone to touch them, when asked she says they were given to her at birth by her fathers friends.


She grew up in the forest of Taur im Duinath, and from an early age was fascinated by ancient elven history. This fascination grew into an obsession and she eventually became a randir, a pilgrim searching for the ancient site where the elves first came to the world.

Her researches led her to believe that clues to the location could be found at the long lost ancient shrines dedicated to the pilgrims after which the stars in the constellation of Eldaros (where she believes the elves originated) are named.

She followed the Earl of Rowen to Rowen Cove as she thinks that one of these shrines (to Paelias the healer) is located nearby.


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